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Welcome to the Tax Information Centre

The Tax Information Centre (SIC) is the Federal Central Tax Office’s central information service. Qualified teams provide information quickly and competently, particularly in relation to the Federal Central Tax Office’s tasks. Information and services are provided by several call centres and our own website.

The SIC provides help for both individuals and companies. Furthermore, it meets the growing need for information on the background and enforcement of fiscal regulations. It also provides information on the existing administrative services available. The aim is to create transparency, thereby increasing the acceptance of fiscal regulations. The services offered by the SIC are not intended as a substitute for tax advice or legal advice on individual matters.


The SIC was established as the first point of contact with the Federal Central Tax Office to provide information and advice to domestic and foreign individuals.

It offers

  • information about fiscal responsibilities,
  • general tax-related information and services within the Federal Central Tax Office’s scope of duties, and
  • a central point of contact for foreign investors.


The SIC began operations in August 2006.

The idea was – and is – to place a stronger focus on services for the general public and companies. Prior to its establishment, the Federal Ministry of Finance did not have a single point of contact for tax-related questions.

The point of contact for foreign investors was set up in autumn 2007, and the employer identification number hotline was added in July 2008.

The SIC’s range of tasks is continuously evolving to meet the needs of citizens, industry, and administrative bodies.

Information about opening times and contact details can be found at

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