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NameBrief description
barrier-free⁄barrier-low file  Licence fee instruction (PDF, 95 KB, barrier-free⁄barrier-low file)Licence fees and similar payments (year 2009)
barrier-free⁄barrier-low file  Refunds fact sheet (PDF, 97 KB, barrier-free⁄barrier-low file)Refunds to foreign artistes and sportsmen/women (year 2009)
barrier-free⁄barrier-low file  Refunds fact sheet (PDF, 57 KB, barrier-free⁄barrier-low file)Fact sheet: Refunds for board of directors members and board of administration members (year 2009) [in German language]
barrier-free⁄barrier-low file  Overview of tax rates (PDF, 120 KB, barrier-free⁄barrier-low file)Overview of German right to taxation of royalties pursuant to Double Taxation Agreements (DTA) [in German language]

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