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Electronic Data Transmission

On this page you will find information on electronic data transmission to the BZSt. Reports relating to CESOP must be submitted electronically in accordance with the officially prescribed dataset.
Not all documents are currently available in English.

Mass data transmission DIP (mass data interface and file upload)

Data is exchanged in XML format and is implemented in an automated process via the DIP interface (mass data interface) for mass data. It is not yet possible to upload files manually via the new BZSt online.portal. This function will be available at a later date.

General information concerning the BZSt online.portal can be found here.

The current status of the communication manual and further information on DIP can be found here.

Registration for mass data interface DIP (Digital Inbox)

In order to register to the BZSt online.portal. you need a valid ELSTER or BOP BZSt-Zertifikat

If you have a valid certificate, you can log in here using the "Login" button with your valid certificate and register once using the form "Application for activation of the mass data interface in the BZSt-Online.portal (DIP)", in order to be activated for the use of the mass data interface. After activation, you are authorised to transmit CESOP messages.

If you meet the requirements for an application but do not have a valid certificate, we suggest applying for an ELSTER certificate here.

Data transmitters or payment service providers who are unable to register via ELSTER (e.g. due to a lack of a domestic tax number) can register with the BZSt-Certificate.

We will send you the relevant registration form by email upon request. To do this, use our contact form, which you can find here.

Once your application has been processed, you will receive a BZSt-number by letter and a BZSt-secret via email.

Using the activation ID and the activation code you can apply here (BZSt BOP) for a BZSt-Zertifikat to register for the mass data interface.

Further information on registration can be found here.

Once you have obtained the certificate, you can access the mass data interface here by selecting the 'Login' button and then 'BOP login with BZSt-Zertifikat'.


Only for the transmitter of the data, i.e. the competent body that transmits the data to the BZSt (third-party service provider or the payment service provider itself) must submit this application and then register with the BZSt. Our registration form therefore only contains information about the transmitter of the data.

Production Environment

The transmission of payment data will be possible from 1 April 2024 via the production environment ("MDS-PROD").

Further information can be found here:

A response of status messages might be significantly delayed. Updated information will be published promptly on our website.

The test environment will continue to be available, for more information see "Customer tests / Customer test environment".

Customer tests / Customer test environment

The option for customer tests for CESOP is available since 18 January 2024.

Payment Service Providers and data transmitters can apply for an activation via the BZSt online.portal and carry out a connection attempt to the customer test environment to test whether the technical implementation works and CESOP reports can be transmitted on a test basis.

Please note that the CESOP reports can only be transmitted up to a size of 1 MB.

Since 29 February 2024, your submitted CESOP reports will be checked for technical correctness in the test environment. You will receive a validation result for each report submitted.

You can access the validation results via the mass data interface. For further information on the procedure, please refer to the DIP communication manual at https://www.bzst.de/EN/Service/Portalinformation/Mass_data/DIP/mass_data_dip.html

An overview of the applicable business rules can be found in the CESOP communication manual at https://www.bzst.de/EN/Businesses/CESOP/XML_Schema/xml_schema_node.html

Information on activation can be found in the communication manual and other documents.


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