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Electronic Data Submission

Due to legal requirements, all forms in the Charity Register must be submitted to the Germany´s Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt – Bundeszentralamt für Steuern) by electronic means. For transmission, the BZSt online.portal is available at https://online.portal.bzst.de/. Information on registration and login to the BZSt online.portal can be found below.

General information

A certificate is required to log in to the BZSt online.portal. Already existing certificates for the BZStOnline-portal or the ElsterOnline-portal can be used to log in. Please ensure to apply for the BZSt online.portal certificate in a timely manner, as the registration process can take up to six weeks.

If there is no existing certificate yet, the BZSt recommends for domestic organisations and their authorised representatives to obtain the certificate through registering to „My Elster“ (Mein Elster). For foreign organisations from other EU/EEA countries and their representatives without headquarters in Germany, the BOP is available for registration.

Instructions on receiving a Certificate for the BZSt online.portal

Instructions describing the individual steps on receiving a certificate for the BOP can be found below:

Step 1: You apply for a BZSt number to use the BZSt online.portal for the Charity Register with the following application for authorisation and registration:

Application for authorisation and registration (Login to use the BZSt online.portal of the BZSt for the authenticated transmission of applications for the Charity Register)

The application for registering for electronic data submission has to be filed by the organisation itself or a legal representatives.

Step 2: After receiving the BZSt number and a secret code (access code), access the public section of the BZStOnline-portal:

Step 3: On the accessed page, click the "Create user account" button and follow the links to complete the registration. Subsequently, select the type of the desired certificate and the type of identification (BZSt number).

Step 4: You can use the "System requirements" link in the lower section of the portal page to check whether your system meets the technical requirements for using the portal. The step is optional but recommended.

Step 5: Fully complete and submit the online form on the webpage called "Enter your personal details here.” For this form, you need the BZSt number and secret code (access code) issued to you. Please note that the secret code communicated to you in the selection menu of this form must be assigned to the category “BZSt secret."

Step 6: You will receive an email with a link, which must be clicked to confirm the receipt of the email.

Step 7: You will receive the activation data for access to the BOP in separate emails. The emails contain further instructions on continuing the registration process, and direct you to an online form where you can enter your activation data. Now, you follow the instructions for creating a certificate.

Step 8: Using the certificate and your password (PIN), you can now log in to the secure area of the BOP:

For further questions regarding the registration process, the Chatbot Viola and the FAQs are available for assistance.


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