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Validation - Foreign VAT number

The validation procedure enables businesses with a German VAT number to check whether, at the time of service provision, the supply of goods and services was provided to a company that is registered in another EU member state.

Query Options

You have access to multiple query via the interface and single query.

You can use both services to confirm the validity of a VAT number around the clock. Maintenance work may be carried out between 23:00 and 05:00 CET , which is why there may be delays in checking VAT numbers during this time.

Multiple Query

The BZSt offers you the option of integrating the query of the VAT number through an interface with your own software system and automatically querying the VAT number.

After the one-time setup, the interface will facilitate the query of foreign VAT numbers since manual entry is no longer necessary.

Single Query

An online query is available to you for single queries.

You will find further information on the online query here (It is available in German language only).

In addition, individual queries can also be submitted in writing (contact form, letter, e-mail, fax). Please be aware that due to data protection purposes, replies will only be given via regular mail and not electronically.


(It is available in German language only)


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